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ATCF organizes not only fun gatherings and camaraderie amongst our Florida Airedalers, we also encourage our members to participate in continuing educational seminars and more. In 2008, twenty-four Airedales passed the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, and on February 8, 2009, fourteen more Airedales passed the test administered by CKC Judge, Nancy Dunleavy, who proudly awarded CGC certificates to these delightful and happy Florida Airedales. Just look at all these smiles!

14 new CGC Titles on Feb. 8, 2009!

24 new CGC Titles ~ Feb. 3, 2008!

“The Airedales were amazing, and ranged in age from 10 monhs to 9 1/2 years old. They completed all the tests in record time. Not one was disruptive (they could have been all tired out from playing!) and all showed remarkable obedience to commands. I was lucky enough to have several of them kiss me as I put the brush on them, or just bent over to pet them – while they were on lead. The sit/stays were very good, and when they were left with "a friendly stranger", with someone even holding 2 or 3 dogs, they just acted like it was normal. I do have to cite Airedale “Ariel” as having a great deal of common sense: her person had another 'dale she was holding as well as Ariel... The person had a shadow cast behind her, and Ariel found the spot and curled up into a ball in the “shade”. Talk about a cool dog!! It is always  such a personal reminder for me of the versatility of the Airedale. I have judged  many other terrier breeds, and some that are friends of terriers. But the Airedales show how much they want to please their humans, and make it seem like it's fun for them, too (including our “Senior Citizen - Miss Mary Mary”!). I am always grateful for the opportunity to do this.”

– Nancy Dunleavy, CGC Judge

On Feb 8, 2009, CGC Judge & ATCF Member, Nancy Dunleavy, commented:

May 2009 ~ Ft. DeSoto Park. Fun was had by all, at our annual picnic held at this lovely park. Members chat, dogs played & relaxed in the shade - overall a great day!

Ft. DeSoto pic L
Ft. DeSoto pic R
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